Oddity eSports is a professional fully fledged eSports organisation based out of Australia. We strive to develop our players and build our community on the foundations of good people, wanting to create, grow and flourish in this new and emerging industry that is eSports. We hope that you are here because you feel the same way and want to cultivate the quality of this industry with us. Oddity was created and formed by our founders, Jared Fell, Luke Drakeford and Melvin Tang. Three distinct individuals bringing numerous skills and diversity to the team and charting a course for success. We pride ourselves on our player’s attitudes, our reputation and the time and care that we invest into all of our players and all external parties that we deal with. At the core of everything we do are our values; Respect. Community. Authenticity. Quality and Innovation. These core values guide us forward to becoming the “Biggest champion for quality and growth of the eSports Industry.” No matter who you are, if there is that little spark of excitement and interest in the possibilities that eSports could have hiding just around the corner. We are here to help accommodate that spark and turn it into the raging fire that we all have here at Oddity.  
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