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Services we provide

General/Virus Service      

A General/Virus service includes the removal of viruses, malware, adware, spyware and other various infections that can negatively impact your computers performance. We will tweak your computer for optimal performance and give you any recommendations on how to improve performance and even add years to its lifespan! 


Data Transfer      

Buying a new PC or just want your data moved from one to another? We have that covered. We will migrate all of your user data and as many programs as possible such as web browsers, email and more!


Screen Replacement

Cracked or damaged screen? We can replace it and having it back to working condition in no time


Not Loading to windows

Computers can stop booting upto windows for a number of reasons. They can all be fixed.


Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard not working / missing keys or damaged? We can get it replaced for you


Clone SSD/HDD     

If a fresh start and data migration isn’t exactly what you’re after, most of the time it is possible to clone your current operating system to the new computer. This means everything will be exactly as you left it on your old system, only with much faster performance!


Windows Reinstall w/ Optional Data Backup  

Looking for that new PC feeling? Maybe you're gifting/selling your PC? We can back up your data and reinstall your Operating System for you! 



Our diagnostic fee includes our experienced Technicians giving your computer a comprehensive look over and a phone call to discuss the problem and possible solutions.


Data Recovery          

Has your PC let you down and taken your important photos, videos, documents and other data with it? We can retrieve it for you! This also covers external HDD’s and security systems. If we can’t recover the data, we can help you contact a specialist if need be!


PC builds      

Have you bought a bunch of computer parts online but you’re not quite sure how to assemble them? We are here to help! We can assemble your PC and test it to make sure it’s all working smoothly.


Remote Login

Need some quick help from afar? Dont stress! With your permission, a qualified Technician can remotely access your computer from our Tech Bay to repair a large amount of issues.


Insurance Claims

Got a damaged computer that needs a report for insurance claim? We can do the assessment and get you the insurance report required to process a claim