25 Kg+ Freight Rate 32 Bays, Tablets, Laptops & Chromebooks Charge Cart

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Clear-cut power and cable management 
Devices are easily cabled and fully charged free of any program setup or circuit overload! Simply connect E24c / E32c to an outlet and it will automatically circulate charges through each row of devices.

Easy on the pocketbook
Quality device management does not have to equate to big spending. E24c / E32c provides all your charging needs at a fraction of the cost.

One cart fits all
E24c / E32c easily supports 24 / 32 laptops, Chromebooks, or tablet devices with screens up to 14”. Need to charge your own laptop while charging your students’ tablets? Sure, why not.

Sleek and classy
Internally spacious enough to store 24 / 32 devices yet sleekishly designed externally to fit in the most confined spaces. Ideal for any tight areas!

Maneuver with finesse
E24c / E32c’s compact design and 5” swivel casters make it easier to transport devices and provide a smooth mobile experience even in the most crowded corridors or smallest spaces.