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AORUS C700 GLASS built for top-tier performance and expansion, which can fit maximum E-ATX motherboard, 198mm-height CPU cooler, 490mm-length graphics card and 200mm-length PSU. The fan system can be installed with three 140mm or 120mm fans at the top and front panels respectively, and one 140mm or two 120mm at the rear. In addition, AORUS C700 GLASS pre-installed not only three 120mm PWM fans at the front but also two 120mm ARGB fans at the rear. AORUS pre-built the outstanding airflow for the users without installing an extra fan. The liquid cooling system can be installed with a maximum of 420mm radiator at the top, with a maximum of 360mm radiator at the front, and with a maximum of 140mm radiator at the rear. For hard disk installation, it can support 6 sets of 2.5" SSD and 4 sets of 3.5" HDD exclusive installation space, and the 3.5” HDD also can be replaced by 2.5” SSD. In other words, the case can install a total of ten 2.5” SSD. It’s pretty suitable for users who need abundant storage space. Moreover, the module design of the drive bays makes users more facile to assemble.