Alogic 2x40 Rapid Power 40 W Ga N Charger Usb C (20 W) + Usb C (20 W)

Alogic 2x40 Rapid Power 40 W Ga N Charger Usb C (20 W) + Usb C (20 W)

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2X40 Rapid Power 2 Port 40W USB-C GaN Wall Charger

A wall-charger that’s tiny in stature but big on power. At the heart of the Rapid Power 2 Port 40W Wall Charger is its GaN chipset, next-gen charger anatomy that drives your charger to far greater heights than traditional chargers.

Smart Charge -Two Devices Simultaneously

The 2 Port 40W GaN Charger’s dual USB-C ports power up multiple battery-hungry devices concurrently. With Smart Power Allocation, each port will output the maximum power of up to 30W when a single device is being charged or up to 20W when two devices are being charged simultaneously.

High Speed Charging -Up to 30W PD

The charger delivers up to 30W charging power when you plug popular devices like MacBook Air, iPad Pro/Air and Nintendo Switch into the USB-C port *. *With your devices plugged into both ports, the USB-C portw delivers 20W (instead of 30W with one device connected).

Charge Your Apple Devices -40W of Convenience

If you love Apple devices, you’ll also find plenty to love about ALOGIC’s 2 Port 40W GaN Charger. The charger’s dual-ports are locked and loaded with all the zing you need to bump your suite of Apple iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air device batteries all the way up on even their busiest days. For the easy way to keep your Apple devices in the green, just plug them in.