Alogic Adjustable & Portable Folding Notebook Stand Space Grey

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The Metro Adjustable & Portable Laptop stand is a high-quality aluminium stand with silicon pad designed to support and grip the latest laptop and MacBook devices in place. The portable Laptop stand is a compact solution with six adjustable angles setting to suit your ideal field of view.

Universal Compatibility - Adjustable Angle and Silicon Pads 

The ALOGIC Metro Adjustable Laptop stand is designed with six adjustable angles to ensure the Laptop or MacBook sits in the most ideal field of view, whether you are at home or in the office. The laptop stand is also designed with several silicon pads to firmly grip your laptop or MacBook and secure it in place without slipping off. 

Ultra Build Quality

The ALOGIC Metro Adjustable Laptop stand is crafted from high quality aluminium alloy materials and designed to guarantee a longer lifespan from daily wear and tear.