Alogic Fusion Series Usb C To Hdmi Cable Male To Male 1m Up To 4 K@60 Hz

Alogic Fusion Series Usb C To Hdmi Cable Male To Male 1m Up To 4 K@60 Hz

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Fusion USB-C to HDMI Cable - 1m

Behind every great display, there is a great cable. ALOGIC’s Fusion USB-C to HDMI cable is a high-performance arterial designed to connect your USB-C-enabled laptops and PCs with HDMI-compatible displays such as TVs, monitors and projectors. The Fusion, in compliance with HDMI V2.0 standards, delivers connectivity so you can perform multimedia work and experience audio-visual entertainment in laser-sharp 4K.

Data Transfer in the Fast Lane

The Wait for Speedy Multimedia Activity is Over The Fusion USB-C to HDMI Cable’s maximum data transfer rate of 18 Gbps is your ticket to seamless video streaming, marathon gaming sessions, and memorable movie nights across all your enabled displays. No more hitches. No more glitches. Just great pictures.


4K: The Clear Difference

Unprecedented Picture Detail for Work and Entertainment Enjoy all your favourite multimedia content on exquisitely lifelike screens. The Fusion cable supports 4K [60 Hz] external displays, High Dynamic Range [HDR] and multiple digital audio channels. Nail professional presentations on high-end projector screens. Improve your productivity by connecting dual or triple 4K displays at your desk. Enjoy sharper contrasts, better brightness and fuller colour ranges while you binge Netflix on your Ultra HD TV. With compatible content, audio and video equipment, the Fusion helps enhance all your audio-visual experiences.

Built Tough. Feels Supple.

Warranty-Backed Cables for Frequent Use ALOGIC’s engineers have purpose-built the cables in the Fusion series to outlive your digital devices. The head is furnished with thermoplastic and metal alloy, which protects the cable body from everyday stress and strains. The cable’s interior wires are fortified by synthetic fibre and clothed in a supple double-braided nylon jacket made for maximum durability. Use a Fusion cable to support the full potential of your displays, and end the frustration that brittle cables cause when they fall apart.