ALOGIC Prime 3-in-1 Charge & Sync Cable - Micro US + Lightning + USB-C - 30cm - Silver

Brand: Alogic

Product Code: MU23T1-030SLV

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ALOGIC Prime 3-in-1 Charge & Sync Cable - Micro USB/Lightning/USB-C 30cm - Silver

The ALOGIC Prime 3 - in -1 Charge & Sync Cable lets you charge or sync data with Lightning, Micro USB or USB-C enabled devices from one single cable eliminating the need to buy or carry multiple types of cables for your various devices. The cable has a standard USB-A connector one one end and the other end is three pronged with Micro USB connector, Lightning connector and USB-C connector. Lightning and USB-C connectors can be saddled on top of Micro USB connector depending on the device being connected to.  The cable can be used to charge your device when connected to a USB Wall adapter or sync data when connected to your computer.