Alogic Super Ultra Usb 2.0 Usb C To Usb C Cable 30cm 5 A/480 Mbps Space Grey

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ALOGIC Super Ultra USB 2.0 USB-C to USB-C Cable - 30cm – 5A/480Mbps – Space Grey

The ALOGIC Super Ultra USB-C to USB-C Cable is designed to connect the latest USB-C devices, such as phones, tablets and laptops to one another. Crafted from high-quality materials the cable is lightweight, durable and designed to compliment any home or office environment. 

The Super Ultra range of cables are crafted from superior materials and specially designed to provide additional strain relief, reinforcement and protection against wear and tear to guarantee a longer lifespan.   

Charge, Sync & Power: 

The cable allows you to charge all your USB-C devices. It can output up to 5A current to charge your phone, tablet, laptop or any other accessory. It will also support up to 480Mbps data transfer rates to sync your photos, videos, music and files. 

Super Ultra Construction: 

The ALOGIC Super Ultra range is crafted from superior materials and specially designed to guarantee a longer lifespan. The cable core is strengthened with synthetic fibre and reinforced with flexible nylon double braiding to provide maximum protection against all types of wear and tear. The cable head is constructed from thermoplastic (TPE) for maximum strain relief and finished with a metal alloy housing for additional durability.  

Charge with a peace of mind knowing that the cable is constructed with shielding to protect the power circuit power board (PCB) and reduces radiation emissions emitted from the cable.