Alogic Ultra Power 4 In 1 Wireless Charging Dock For Apple Watch, Airpod , Iphone And Usb A

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ALOGIC Ultra Power 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock for Apple Watch, Airpods and iPhone with USB-A Charging Output

The ALOGIC Power Hub Multi-Device Wireless & USB Charging Station acts as a central charging solution for any shared or personal environment. The Power Hub features wireless charging for two Qi-enabled devices such as your smartphone or wireless earphones, along with two more devices via the USB-C and USB-A ports. The Power Hub’s sleek design compliments and integrates into any work or home environment.   

Charge up to four devices:  

With over 40W total power output, the Power Hub can charge up to four devices all at once. The Power Hub can charge two Qi-enabled devices simultaneously via wireless charging (10W) and two other devices via the USB-A (7.5W) or USB-C (18W) ports located on the back of the device.   

Remove the clutter:  

The Power Hub takes minimalism to a whole new level by removing the need for too many additional cables. As the charging station is powered by one cable and supports wireless technology, it reduces the cable clutter in your living area, desk or bedside.   

Fast Charging:  

To maximise charging speed and save you time, the Power Hub is equipped with 10W Fast Wireless Charging making the most of the latest Qi standards. It also has an 18W USB-C port with Power Delivery output to ensure super-fast charging for your USB-C enabled device such as the Google Pixel, iPad Pro or Nintendo Switch. The device also features a USB-A port with 7.5W output for charging any mobile device.   

Premium Design:  

The ALOGIC Power Hub is elegantly crafted from a blend of metal alloy and textured woven fabric to form a high-quality, durable design. Aesthetically pleasing, the Power Hub compliments any workplace or home environment by seamlessly blending in with your setup.   

Certified Safe – meets and exceeds all safety standards:  

Charge your devices with peace of mind, knowing that the ALOGIC Power Hub is certified to meet and exceed all local and international regulatory standards. The device has gone through rigorous testing to help ensure safety, interoperability and energy efficiency, earning its Qi-certification.   

LED Indicators:  

Featuring LED lights to indicate the current wireless charging status, the charger will display a soft white LED light when it powers on. A breathing white LED light will appear once your Qi-enabled device has been placed correctly on the mat and is charging, very slow breathing LED will indicate the device has been fully charged. If the Power Hub detects a foreign object on the wireless charging area or if your device is overheating, the LED light will flash red in warning.


  • Declutter your space by charging up to four devices with a single cable input   
  • Wireless charging supports up to 10W and is also optimised with 7.5W for iPhones for the most optimum charging speeds  
  • USB-C port with up to 18W (Power Delivery) output to fast charge your latest USB-C enabled devices   
  • USB-A port with up to 7.5W output to charge any mobile device   
  • Qi-enabled accessories such as wireless earphones can also be charged wirelessly via the charging pad.   
  • Crafted from aluminium and fabric to create an elegant look while maintaining durability   
  • LED charging indicators for an at glance status   
  • Foreign object detection (FOD) indicators