ALOGIC Ultra Wireless Charging Pad (10W) – Space Grey

Brand: Alogic

Product Code: ULQC10W-SGR-AUNZ

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The ALOGIC Ultra Wireless Charging Pad 10W is an efficient, portable and safe charger for your Qi-enabled devices such as your Apple or Samsung smartphone. The charger is equipped with Qi technology to allow fast charging for your device at an optimal and safe speed. Use the charging pad with an adapter that is equipped with Quick Charge 2.0 to activate Fast Charging. 

Remove the Clutter: 

Designed for Qi enabled devices, the Ultra Wireless Charging Pad removes the need for additional cables and creates a clean and sleek setup. 

Equipped with Fast Charge: 

To maximise charging speed and save you time, the Ultra Wireless Charging Pad is equipped with up to 10W Fast Wireless Charging¬π making the most of the latest Qi standards. 

Quick Charge 2.0 wall adapter is required to activate Fast Charging 

Minimalistic Design: 

The Ultra Wireless Charging Pad is crafted from a blend of metal alloy and textured woven fabric to form a minimal and sleek design that blends effortlessly into any room. The chrome finished bottom features a high-friction base pad that grips the charger and holds it securely to any surface. 

LED Indicators: 

Featuring LED lights to indicate the current charging connection, the charger will display a soft white LED light when it powers on. A blinking blue LED light will appear once your Qi-enabled device has been placed correctly on the mat and is successfully charging, a solid blue LED will indicate the device has been fully charged. If the Wireless Charging Pad detects a foreign on the wireless charging area or if your device is over-heating, the LED will flash red in warning. 

Certified Safe ‚Äì meets and exceeds all safety standards: 

Charge your device with peace of mind, knowing that the ALOGIC Wireless Charging Pad is certified to meet and exceed all local and international regulatory standards. The device has gone through rigorous testing to ensure safety interoperability and energy efficiency, earning its Qi-certification.