AMD RyzenThreadripper 2990WX, 32-Core/64 Threads UNLOCKED, Max Freq 4.2GHz, 80MB Cache Socket sTR4 250W, WOF

Brand: AMD

Product Code: YD299XAZAFWOF

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Heavy Metal Computing

The WorldÕs First 32-core Processor and the WorldÕs Most Powerful Desktop Processor in one.

Amp-Up Your Designs

Stage dive into intricate 3D modeling projects and harness full suites of creative software to apply bewitching additions, adjustments and animations that invoke the fullest expression of every element inhabiting your creations.

Tame the Most Taxing Programs

Composite, edit, and fine tune media in quality suitable for the marquee. Handle every stage of your creative process, including VFX, modeling, editing, tracking and mastering, with a processor powerful enough to make the most resource intensive programs sing.

Render Scenes in Living Detail

Whether itÕs the dust particles caught on a breeze or acoustic modeling of an original studio recording, the 2nd Gen Ryzenª Threadripperª processor is capable of endowing your art with the authentic atmospheres that bring digital worlds to life and resonate with audiences.

Game for Work, or Game for Play

Experience game levels as you develop them, test new content in real-time, or just game for the fun of it while your PC compiles and renders. Ryzenª Threadripperª processors are so powerful, you donÕt need to stop producing while you play.

AMD Ryzenª Threadripperª 2990WX Processor  

# of CPU Cores: 32 

# of Threads: 64 

Max Boost Clock: 4.2GHz 

Base Clock: 3GHz

Thermal Solution: Not included 

Default TDP / TDP: 250W