Aten Laptop Usb Console Adapter Kit, Plug And Play, Supports Up To 1920 X 1200 @ 60 Hz, Bi Directional File Transfers, Bundled With Vc810 & Vc925

Brand: Aten

Product Code: CV211CP-AT

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Laptop USB KVM Console Crash Cart Adapter IT Kit

The Laptop USB KVM Console Crash Cart Adapter IT Kit is highly recommended for on-the-go IT
professionals who need connection flexibility and high mobility. This IT Kit provides an all-in-one solution
that ensures compatibility with most major types of video interface, such as DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA,
saving the cost and inconvenience of purchasing separate video adapters.

The Kit includes a Portable Console Crash Cart Adapter (CV211, see more product details in the following
paragraphs), a DisplayPort to VGA adapter (VC925), and an HDMI to VGA adapter (VC810). Please refer to
VC925 and VC810 product pages for more information.

The CV211 Laptop USB KVM Console Crash Cart Adapter provides a direct Laptop-to-Computer connection
to servers, computers, kiosks and ATMs. It eliminates the need for heavy crash carts while offering BIOS-level
access, bi-directional file transfers, hotkey macros, video recording and screenshots through a USB 2.0 and
VGA composite cable.

The innovative virtual media function provides file applications, OS patching, diagnostic testing and software
installations through the CV211’s intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) which provides easy operation and
fast remote access. The GUI console window can be adjusted to the exact size and resolution of the remote
computer's desktop by resizing the pane automatically, or you can manually adjust the window size as you
see fit. This allows you to view the target computer’s entire desktop without needing to use a scroll bar.

In addition, the unique cable clip design is utilized for easy tidying of disorganized cables while the CV211 is
being used and transported. The CV211 is the perfect crash cart replacement to troubleshoot systems that
are difficult to reach or where internet access is not available or permitted.