Black Ink Cartridge To Suit Mfc J5320 Dw/J5720 Dw Up To 2400 Pages

Black Ink Cartridge To Suit Mfc J5320 Dw/J5720 Dw Up To 2400 Pages

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Brother Black Ink Cartridge - up to 2,400 pages

Save heaps today on this genuine Brother LC-239XLBK Black High Yield Ink Cartridge to suit Brother MFC Inkjet series Printers, Multi-function units and All-in-One printers.

Compatible Printers

Suitable for use in Brother MFC-J5320DW, MFC-J5720DW and more printers and multi-function devices.


This genuine LC-239XLBK ink cartridge has been developed specifically by Brother's Image Research Laboratories to produce superior print results with continuous, reliable performance for a wide variety of printing tasks.

  • Print cartridge has an estimated print yield capacity rating of up to 2400 pages at 5% coverage*.
  • This genuine LC-239XLBK Black Extra High Yield Ink Cartridge is comes filled with Brother's patented formula blend of quality high endurance ink. This particular type ensures precise lines for creating professional text while also providing a wide gamut of colour for excellent matching with smooth colour transitions and gradations with for vibrant imaging expression with minimal image graininess. Other special additives in the MFC Inkjet mix help to keep the printhead from overheating, while others maintain proper ink viscosity over time and across different environmental conditions to ensure consistent print quality output
  • This ink cartridge has been engineered to sustain page print speeds of 22 (ppm) pages per minute.
  • Image creation is undertaken by Brother's advanced ink print development system, a process known as thermal inkjet. The ink from the LC-239XLBK cartridge is transported by a pump from the cartridge tank housing to a print head which has a set of integrated heating pins that circumvent a series of microscopic ink nozzles. The heat generated by these pins expands the ink inside these printhead nozzles, and this action forces the ink into a picolitre droplet form and out onto the page to layer the image. Printed output has a fantastic warm look and with superior DPI resolution levels compared to other reprographic technologies.
  • This Brother LC-239XLBK Black Extra High Yield Ink Cartridge is just one of the family of cartridges that make up the image development system to produce images with an ideal mix of quality and economy. The individual ink formula delivers consistent high page saturation and accurate colour balance with extremely low bleed levels, particularly when used with recommended media stock.
  • Brother's dedication to maintaining the strictest adherence to their unique and advanced QA manufacturing standards culminates in the continuous high performance, dependability and maximum output capacity for each and every LC-239XLBK ink cartridge that exits their factory.
  • The advanced print-head nozzle together with the special microscopic elemental properties of the ink, significantly reduces smearing and smudging, making the printed output and media handling stain-free and robust.
  • The colour of this Genuine LC-239XLBK ink cartridge is and it comes packed individually in its box and vacuum wrapped inside to prevent leaking, maximise shelf life and eliminate ink blotches and trapped air blockages.
  • Suitable for use in a select range of Brother MFC Inkjet series printers and multi-function devices
  • Due to the microscopic ink droplet size of the ink formula particles, users can expect to achieve up to 6000 x 1200 DPI rendered resolution quality, particularly so when applying to special media types and with different printer settings