E300 Drummer Robot Extension Kit (Steam Ability 2 Topic 2)


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FlipRobot E300 Extension Kit: DRUMMER ROBOT    EXTSA2218001

STEAM Ability 2 Topic 2

Robotics can be applied in many different industries. With the Little Drummer Extension Kit, students can discover the application of robotics in the production of percussive sound. They can also form a band with robots to unleash their musical talent and creativity.


9 hole beam x 1
L45-shape plate left x 2
L45-shape plate right x 3
Servo motor x 2
Servo motor shape plate x 1
Servo horn x 2
Servo motor block x 3
Semisphere rubber ball x 2
Semisphere shape plate x1
I-shape plate x 6
DC motor shape plate x 2
Drum (small, medium, large) x1