E300 Industrial Robotic Arm Extension Kit (Steam Ability 2 Topic 3)

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FlipRobot E300 Extension Kit: INDUSTRIAL ROBOTIC ARM     EXTSA2318001

STEAM Ability 2 Topic 3

Robotic Arm extension Kit will allow students to learn and apply the robotic arm mechanics to create solutions to real life challenges.


L-shape plate (1:3) x 1
L-shape plate (2:2) x 1
L45-shape plate left x 2
L45-shape plate right x 2
Servo motor x 3
Servo motor shape plate x 1
Servo horn x 3
Servo motor block x 5
U-shape plate x 1
I-shape plate x 1
DC motor shape plate x 2
Servo motor expansion board x1
battery case x1
Gripper gear lever x1
Gripper base x1
Gripper reinforcement plate x4