Hp T530: Amd Gx 215 Jj 1.5 G Hz/ 8 Gb/ 128 Gb/ Embedded Apu/ No Wi Fi/ Win 10 Io T Dg Wes 7 E

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Designed for the new world of cloud computing
Upgrade your cloud computing environment with the first HP thin client made for the office of the future. Elegantly designed with essential performance and reliability, the HP t530 Thin Client meets the needs of today and the growing demands of tomorrow.
Elevate your office space

The HP t530 has raised the stakes for thin client design. Get all the features you need in an exceptionally modern, compact device. And with quiet, solid-state operation and multiple deployment options, it fits perfectly into any workspace.

Handle cloud computing workloads with ease

Easily tackle all your computing demands with the newest AMD thin client technology. Whether doing offloaded processing or graphics rendering, you’ll get an amazing PC-like experience in the cloud.

Future proof your office

Finally a thin client built for today and tomorrow. Packed with flash storage, memory and connectivity options, along with multiple ports including USB-C™ to support both old and new peripherals, your transition into the future will be seamless..