Iron Wolf 510 Ssd, 960 Gb, Pcie, M.2 S, No Encryption, 5 Yr Limited Warranty

Brand: Seagate

Product Code: ZP960NM30011

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Built for NAS, Seagate® IronWolf® 510 delivers high-endurance performance and caching speeds of up to 3,150 MB/s — or 3 GB/s for NVMe-compatible systems. With capacities of up to 1.92 TB, it’s the go-to solution for creative pros and businesses needing 24×7 multi-user storage.

Key Advantages:
  • Tap into the power of SSD cache tiering and make 24×7 loading for multiple users a smooth, easy process.
  • Easily tackle the high-endurance requirements of NAS with 1 DWPD.
  • Offering best-in-class performance, IronWolf 510 SSD ensures low lag and low down time in multi-user environments.
  • Seagate has your back in almost every situation possible when it comes to a failed drive with a 2-year Rescue Data Recovery Services plan.
  • Enjoy long-term reliability with 1.8M hours MTBF in a PCIe form factor.
  • Choose from an extensive portfolio of capacity options including 240 GB, 480 GB, 960GB, and 1.92 TB.