Journey Mag Safe Compatible Wireless Charger Black

Journey Mag Safe Compatible Wireless Charger Black

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Magnetic (MagSafe) Wireless Charger

Give an upgrade to your charging experience!

Remove the hassles of using a cable with this luxuriously built MagSafe charger


Charge your phone with the power of MagSafe

Simply place your phone on the charging surface and it will automatically align with your iPhone and easily begin charging. Enjoy all the benefits of fast wireless charging without the hassles of using a cable.


Strong magnets and extra long 5ft cable

The strong magnets perfectly align with your iPhone 12 and are firmly fixed to achieve stable and efficient charging. The extra-long cable gives you the flexibility and mobility to use your phone as per your convenience.


Works with thick cases

The charger is equipped to function effectively with all MagSafe compatible cases. And works well with cases measuring up to 8mm in thickness.

**Case must be MagSafe compatible.


100% Safe & fast wireless charging

Designed to detect foreign objects and equipped with over-voltage and heating protection so, you can effortlessly leave your phone for an over-night charge and guarantee a power packed morning.


Sophisication of full-grain leather & durability of aluminium

A tough aluminium construction is swathed in luxurious leather and equipped with a powerful magnetic array that attaches to your iPhone and all MagSafe Compatible cases. The soft leather surface provides for frictionless charging and leaves no imprints on your case or phone.