Omna Wire Free Wi Fi Battery Camera

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Smart Home, Made Brilliant
DCS-2800LH Wi-Fi Battery Cameras are part of the mydlink Pro DCS-2802KT Battery Camera Kit
that works with a DCS-H100 Wi-Fi Hub for consumer Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) surveillance
applications. The DCS-2800LH is a compact wireless network battery camera suitable for day-time and
night-time outdoor environments. It features built-in night vision, motion detection, and a free mobile
app — so you can feel at ease when you’re away from home.

Versatile Feature Set
Despite its small size, the DCS-2800LH has all the features you need for monitoring your home. Onboard
Wi-Fi provides extended range and higher bandwidth for smoother 1080p Full HD video streams on
any device. The DCS-2800LH together with the mydlink app supports two-way audio, simulataneous
live viewing, recording, and playback1 for up to four channels with the addition of optional DCS-2800LH

Built-in motion detection will automatically send alert notifications to your mobile device as well as
automatically record snapshots and video clips to a microSD card, external HDD, or cloud storage.
Night-time monitoring is possible with the built-in infrared LED which allows for night-time viewing of
up to 7.5 meters (25 feet), so you can relax knowing you have 24/7 monitoring of your home or small
office. The camera is powered by two powerful lithium batteries allowing its use for a long period of time
without charge.