Samsung Clt R407 Imaging Unit

Samsung Clt R407 Imaging Unit

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Samsung CLT-R407/SEE Image Kit (Drum)

Security Label

Take three easy steps to identify genuine Samsung supplies! 

  1. When the label is tilted, the color changes from clear to green. 

  2. The embossed characters change color when viewed from different angles. 

  3. Verification of the embossed character is possible by feeling the texture.

Original quality

Genuine Samsung toner cartridges are always made with brand new components to ensure reliability and performance every time. Many "Non-genuine" toners reuse old cartridges whose parts may be worn out and can fail at any time. Or they use low-quality parts that can leak toner and damage the printer. 

Samsung original supplies enable consistent printing without quality defects.

Standardize cartridge

Samsung implements ISO standard.It is a trusted test method for determining the page yield of toner cartridges for printers.Samsung has tested all current cartridges in accordance with the ISO/IEC 19752 standard, giving customers more confidence and reliability when basing purchase decisions on toner yields.

Automatic Toner Monitoring System

Notifies customers when the toner is low or out, giving them worry-free control over printing.

Greater Choice for customers

Provides double printer yield options - Standard yield toner and High yield toner, giving users more choice. Standard yield cartridges ensure excellent print value for low-volume users. High yield cartridges are the ideal choice for the high volume user. High yield cartridges ensure maximum printer production and minimum user intervention.

Easy toner change

Samsung printer cartridges are easy to change by following 3 steps. Customers can change toner 

conveniently without special know how. 

  1. Open the front cabinet. 

  2. Change cartridges. 

  3. Close cabinet.