Samsung SSD 883 DCT - 960GB, Samsung V-NAND 3bit MLC, 2.5" 7mm, SATAIII 6 GB/s, R/W(Max) 550MB/s/520MB/s, QoS R/W QD32 (99.99%) 0.9ms/3.2ms, Sudden Power Off

Brand: Samsung

Product Code: MZ-7LH960NE

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Product Features

SATA 3.3 compliant

Form factor: 2.5 7mmT

Samsung V-NAND 3bit MLC

Fully complies with ATA/ATAPI-7 Standard

Support NCQ (up to 32 depth) command set

Hardware based AES 256-bit Encryption

Support TRIM Command

RoHS compliant


Data transfer rate

Sequential Reads: up to 550 MB/s

Sequential Writes: up to 520 MB/s

Random 4KB Reads: up to 98 KIOPS

Random 4KB Writes: up to 28 KIOPS

IOPS consistency (4KB)

Reads: 99%

Writes: 90%

Latency (4KB)

Reads: up to 140us

Write: up to 70us

Quality of Service (99.99%)

Read(4KB, QD1/QD32): 0.5ms/0.9ms

Write(4KB, QD1/QD32): 0.3ms/3.2ms


Supply Voltage: +5V 5%

Voltage Ripple/Noise (max.): 100mV p-p

Active (Typ. Read/Write) up to 2.3W/3.6W

Idle (Typ.) up to 1.3W


Non-operating 20 G

(20 ~ 2,000 Hz, Sweep Sine)

20min /axis on 3 axes,

Physical Dimension

Width 100.20 0.25 mm

Depth 69.85 0.25 mm

Height 6.80 0.20 mm

Weight Up to 60 g



3,840 GB: 5,466 TB

1,920 GB: 2,733 TB

960 GB: 1,366 TB

480 GB: 683 TB

240 GB: 341 TB

Non-Recoverable Read Error:

1sector per 1017 bits read

MTBF: 2,000,000 hours