Ultra Display Port To Hdmi Adapter –Male To Female –20cm –4k@60 Hz Active

Ultra Display Port To Hdmi Adapter –Male To Female –20cm –4k@60 Hz Active

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Ultra DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter –Male to Female –20cm –4k@60Hz - ACTIVE
The ALOGIC 15cm Ultra 4K DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter allows you to easily connect your DisplayPort-enabled device to HDMI cable. With a Plug and Play design, this cable allows you to instantly mirror or  stream  high-resolution  from  your  laptop or  computer  with  a  DisplayPort  output to  an  external monitor such as a TV or projector. 

Ultra-Built Quality and Design:
The Ultra range of premium cables and adapters are crafted from superior quality materials to achieve the most elegant look and ultimate strength. The design of the metal alloy housing provides the best fit,  finish and durability  for  long-lasting  use.  The  adapter  is  fashioned with  a flexible  and tough TPE cable  construction makes  it  easy  to  use  on  a daily basis. This  is  topped with an  ingenious  design  to reinforce the cable at potential stress points for maximum longevity. 

The adapter is also designed with a latch design on both ends of the connector to ensure a firm, stable connection that can’t be pulled loose.  All  these  design  components  combined  creates  a  finished product that meets and exceeds all performance standards beyond expectations. 

High-Definition 4K Display:
The  adapter  supports  and  outputs  a  maximum  of  4K  resolution  at  a  60Hz  timeframe  and  offers  an ideal digital display interface for standard for maximum high-definition performance. The 15cm Ultra 4K DisplayPort to HDMI Active Adapter is also equipped with HDMI V1.4 to ensure that the adapter outputs crisp and high-resolution imagery. 

Active Chipset:
The adapter includes a built-in booster chipset to enable the HDMI’s transmission signal without any loss over distance. 

Plug and Play Design:
The ALOGIC 15cm Ultra 4K DisplayPort to HDMI Active Adapter has been constructed with a Plug and Play design to make the user experience as simple and efficient as possible. With this feature, you can immediately plug the adapter in and use it without any additional driver or software installation.